Torrwr plasma fflam CNC cludadwy, peiriant torri nwy plasma fflam

Manylion Cyflym

Cyflwr: Newydd
Foltedd: 220V
Pwer Graddedig: 160W
Dimensiwn (L * W * H): 1500 * 3000mm
Pwysau: 175KG
Certification: CCC
Gwarant: Blwyddyn
Gwasanaeth Ôl-werthu a Ddarperir: Ni ddarperir gwasanaeth tramor
Effective Cutting Range (X*Y): 1500*3000MM,can be customized according to your request
OEM: acceptable
Enw: Portable CNC Flame Plasma cutter, flame plasma gas cutting machine
Input voltage: 220±10%
Cutting mode: Plasma cutting and Flame cutting
Nesting Software: FASTCAM or STARCAM
Torch Lifting Distance: 120mm
Working Precision: 0.2mm
Cutting speed: 50-10000MM/MIN
Torch Height Control: WITH


Products advantages

1. Portable cnc plasma cutting machine is an integrally compact mini
structure and is an ideal updating and upgrading product for replacing
handheld flame cutting equipment, handheld plasma cutting device,
profiling cutting machine and semi-auto cutting trolley.
2. Operated easily and flexibly
3. Without any fixed site and with random moving.
4. It is applicable to inside/outside cutting.
5. Able to cut off various metal materials of any graphs.
6. Good finish.In general, There is no need to process surface further after cutting.
7. It is provided with advantages such as high automation, easy operation,
high accuracy, high reliability, low price, and simple operation & maintenance and so on.


Unique functions

(1). graphic display function
(2). English interface and other 9 languages
(3). Excellent graph library ,48 graphic
(4). steel plate correction function
(5). Kerf can be automatically compensated
(6). Cutting can continue when power fails
(7). Continuous return can be done
(8). Positioning and cutting can be done randomly
(9). Off-line cutting can be done:
(10). Online upgrading function


Technical data

Foltedd mewnbwn220±10%
Effective Cutting Range (X*Y)1500*3000MM
Y axis Track Size (mm)3550*273*60
Modd torriPlasma cutting and Flame cutting
Torch Lifting Distance120mm
Manwl Gweithio±0.2 mm/m
Cyflymder torri50-3000MM/MIN
Trwch torri (fflam)5-150MM
Trwch torri (plasma)Depends on the Plasma source
Torri nwyOxygen + Acetylene or propane
Pwysedd NwyMax  0.1Mpa
Pwysedd OcsigenMax  0.7Mpa
Operation  nestingFASTCAM



1.All plasma parameters can be adjusted within the system more precisely and visually.Arc height reaction speed is faster
2.High voltage with rapid positioning function,low voltage with sophisticated arc height function, avoid cutting torch shaking and instability
3.Inside space is bigger to put the plasma torch,
4.Lighter,less load,Easy to installation and maintenance,the equipment can be used for more time.
5.Y axis Track Size (mm) :3550*273*60 (actual cutting can be more)
6.Cutting torch lifting distance: 120mm



We aim to provide the best parts warranty for our customers.
We offer 12 months parts warranty and require photographic proof or
the item to be sent back to our workshop for assessment and review.

Our warranty does not cover the followings

1.Intentional Misuse
2.Not following maintenances chedules and accidents out of the
human control
3.Freight is at the buyers expense
4.All warranty claims will be attended promptly and in a professional