dezhou nakeen table cnc plasma paper cutting machine price in india factory made with low price

Manylion Cyflym

Cyflwr: Newydd
Voltage: 220
Pwer Graddedig: 1000W
Dimension(L*W*H): 3305MM*780MM*2110
Weight: 600KG
Certification: ccc
Gwarant: 1 flwyddyn
Gwasanaeth Ôl-werthu a Ddarperir: Peirianwyr ar gael i wasanaethu peiriannau dramor
brand: nakeen
cutting mode: plasma
cutting thickness: 0.1-16mm
cnc or not: yes
cutting area: 1300*2500
file information: USB
CUTTING material: metal .alloy metal .aluminum
height control: arc voltage height control and electric

Product advantage

1.Bilateral drive,stable operation

2.High precision, good effect

3. Arc voltage height (THC)

4.Can be installed a water spraying device, reduce the thermal deformation

5.Can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals

6. Simple operation & maintenance and so on.


Features and advantages

1. Compare with the torri plasma, it has the high precision cutting for different kinds of metal materials, like cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper, silver, titanium and other metal materials below 6 mm.
2. Compare with the NC, which can cut any complicated process and shape.No noise and no need to open any moulds at all.
3. Compare with linear cutting, which has much faster speed,100 times higher than it.
4. Double lead screw to drive, Small heat affected zone, good dimension stability. Flat and handsome laser-slotted, without later process
5. High performance/price ratio: the price is only 1/8 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine and 2/5 of the equivalent NC Punch
6. Low use cost: only USD2 per hour which is 1/8-1/10 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine (USD22-USD35 per hour)
7. Low follow-up maintenance cost: only 1/10-1/15 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine and 1/3-1/4 the equivalent NC Punch
8. Steady performance: as a mature laser apparatus, the YAG laser cutting machine is suitable for most metal manufacturing and processing industry.


Paramedrau technegol

1Torri siâpany shapes
2Dimensiwn Arddangos LCD7.0Inches
3Lled Torri Effeithiol (echel X)1300mm
4Hyd Torri Effeithiol (echel Y)2500mm
5Hyd Trawst Trawst1800mm
6Hyd Rheilffordd Hydredol3000mm
7Cyflymder Torri0-8000mm per minute
8Trwch Torri Plasma2--20mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
9lifting body1set
10Modd Gyrrugyriant dwyochrog
11Modd Torriplasma
12Dyfais tanioDyfais tanio awto
13Dyfais rheoleiddio uchderUchder foltedd arc
14Trosglwyddo ffeiliauTrosglwyddo USB
15Meddalwedd nythuFastcam standard
16Trosglwyddo ffeiliauUSB
17Dimensiwn Arddangos LCD7" colour
18Ffynhonnell Pwer PlasmaHypertherm PowerMAX65 / 85/1650 neu arall
19Aer PlasmaDim ond gwasgu Aer
20Pwysedd Aer PlasmaMax. 0.8Mpa
21Torri manwl gywirdeb±0.5mm National standard JB/T10045.3-99
22Rheoli cywirdeb± 0.01mm
23Power Supply Voltage/Frequency220V 50HZ
24Cyflenwad Pŵer Graddedig1000W
25Tymheredd Gweithio-10 ° C-60 ° C. Lleithder Cymharol, 0-95%.

Control system and software introduction

This control system is composed by the industrial PC, center control card, controller display of power supply, professional control software. The PC is installed into the control box, the center control card receive the orders from the software and execute it. Through the controller display of power supply, we light the Xe lamps, adjust the cutting parameters like current, frequency, pluse width accroding to different materials and plate thickness. And through the control software, we imput the cutting file, add the lead line, give kerf compensation, fix cutting position and so on.